Experiencing Life Through the Chakras

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The important role your chakras play in your life is explained in this unique work based on the teachings of Salem through Diandra.

by: Clarence Deigel

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Based on the Teachings of Salem Through Diandra


An Interview With An Angel
February 1995 | In this channeled conversation with Archangel Raphael, Diandra explores our fascination with angels. In particular, how angels interact with us to protect us and act as our guardian angel.
How Angels Can Help You
January 1990 | Archangel Michael explains how to get the most from the angels sent to help you and the role of certain angels in helping humanity.
How Angels Were Created
February 1997 | Salem takes an in depth look into the Angelic Kingdom, how angels were created and humanity's perception of angels.
The Many Ways Angels Help You and The Forms They Take
March 1997 | Salem takes you through the Angelic Kingdom explaining the role of guardian angels, how angels interact with humanity, and the forms angels take on the planet.


Personal Ascension
May 2008 | Personal Ascension brings to you a broader awareness, a greater consciousness, a deeper meaning to your existence. And above all, it restores to you the peace and the joy and the Love and the harmony of your existence. It allows you to be one with All-That-Is with out resistance.
The Divine Plan
December 2008 | Before you first entered into a human incarnation, you put a safety measure in place to not forget who you are. It is the Divine Plan.
March 2012 | Humanity and the planet, at this time, are undergoing a large transition. The energies are now so clear and powerful that everything is amplified. This produces one of the greatest, most opportune, times to heal, transform, and manifest; or it can be a time that is unsettling and scary.

Creation Process

Energy and Vibrational Rhythm Patterns
September 1999 | Salem explores the role of energy and vibrational rhythm patterns within the creative process. How vibrational rhythm patterns are the illusive, secret code that many wish to define in their endeavors to understand our world.
Fabric of Creation - Energy
June 2009 | In this series, Fabric of Creation, Salem explains the building blocks of the creation process. In the first part of this series, energy is explored. Energy is not something that you can touch, feel, grab, or know in anyway through the physical senses, yet it is the raw material from which all creations originate.

Fear and Love

Be a Part of Healing the Fear
February 2011 | Salem suggests that it is time to move to another level of consciousness to be a part of healing the fear on the planet. Techniques are included to help achieve this level of consciousness with special emphasis on the importance of “Honor and Respect” during these transitional times.
Living Without Need
March 2013 | Living without needs is scary for humanity. You may be able to let go of a few of your needs but all of them and still be safe? Yes, when you know who you are and come from that power. With the way the energies are now on the planet, you have to take the action and begin to move beyond the ego's needs.
The Power of Love
February 2008 | When you are expressing the Power of Love, you are totally in alignment with All-That-Is. When your thoughts, and actions are in alignment with All-That-Is, there are no obstacles in the way of your true creative power. You are the totality in harmony with All-That-Is and free to express your creative power in an unlimited manner.


Meditation: Gateway to All–Possibilities
June 2004 | Meditation is one of the greatest tools to bring about healing, expanded awareness and put you in touch with your inner guidance and creative powers. It is your first step in being able to quiet the mind, which says there must be something to do to get “there”, wherever “there” is. Meditation is the closest thing you have to taking you to that state of Being.


Salem's Message For 2011
January 2011 | Salem outlines key changes, directions, challenges, and choices for humanity in 2011 as the consciousness of the planet evolves toward a new golden age. Suggestions are given for how you can participate in the awakening of your consciousness during this time of great opportunity and awesome possibilities.


Salem on Redistribution of Wealth
October 2008 | Because of the recent turmoil in the financial markets, we thought our readers would be interested in some of what Salem has said about the redistribution of wealth on the planet.

Spiritual Power Roadmaps

Six Steps To Truly Enjoying Life
July 2009 | Salem outlines six steps to help create the life you desire rather than repeat the familiar and easy life patterns that make life a struggle and less fulfilling. Incorporating these steps can open you to your eternal creative essence allowing you to create the rich, full, life you truly enjoy.

Spiritual Principles

Five Universal Principles For Making Life Work
October 1996 | Salem gives five universal principles to help make your life work. Applying these principles in your everyday life will free you from the limitations imposed by fear. These principles are the tools you have to change your life and to change your world.
Two Sides of a Coin
February 2013 | Salem describes the inherent attributes of your Spirit (Joy, Harmony, Peace, and Love) and contrasts that with opposite attributes of the ego's emotional body (Sadness, Conflict, Turmoil, and Hate). How these Spiritual and emotional attributes effect your energy and daily life are explored. Realize you can choose to respond to life from your Spirit or from your emotional body.

Transforming Perception

Chakras: What They Are and How They Affect Your Everyday Life
July 2006 | Discover the important role your chakras play in your life. This informative article briefly explores what the chakras are, the affects of the chakras on your life, and how by working with your chakras you can: lighten your burden and flow, be in harmony with everything around you, and free yourself to express more of who you really are!
How To Change Your Perception From Confusion To Clarity
January 1996 | What is perception, why do you have perception, and how do you apply perception in your daily life? Salem takes you through the impact of your perceptions on your life and explains how your belief system, based upon perception, can limit your creative power.