How To Change Your Perception From Confusion To Clarity

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What is perception, why do you have perception, and how do you apply perception in your daily life? Salem takes you through the impact of your perceptions on your life and explains how your belief system, based upon perception, can limit your creative power.

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest of respect for humanity.

What is perception, why do you have perception, and how do you apply perception in your daily life? Perception is simply the end product of your entire internal computer system of how an experience has impacted you in the past.

You are an expression of Divinity. You were created to live as an expression of Divinity. An expression of Divinity knows no limits. However you have placed limitations upon your life and upon your world. For that reason, you have begun to live from your perception of your experiences. It isn’t the experiences themselves that you live from, because an experience is simply an event, but it is how you have perceived those events effect your survival upon planet.

You apply the perception of an experience to your life even if you are not directly involved in the experience, such as an experience that is happening globally, in your community, or to someone else. If you feel any part of an event can impact your existence in some way, you have a perception of that event. From those perceptions, you formulate your own decision of safety and how you choose to live your life in an “experience world” rather then in an “expression world”.

Perception is the basis of your evaluation of your existence. If you perceive life is good, it matters not what is taking place. The same circumstances can be taking place in different environments and you will not experience it the same way because your perception will not be the same.

As you well know two people can participate in the same event, but it is highly unlikely their perception will come anywhere close to interlocking. If you get down to a very finite degree of how they perceived that event, there will be more differences then there will be similarities. That is because your chakra system, mental body, emotional body, physical body, and internal subconscious already have a memory that form your perception.

Perceptions also tend to allow you to live only small portions of an experience. For the most part, you shut out a great amount of the experience and hone in either on those parts that brings you pleasure or pain. Until you place the experience on a clear and level playing field, you have a confused perception about what is taking place in this experience. Your confusion is because you are not allowing yourself the benefit of the entire experience. You are allowing your energy to be focused on a narrow part of the experience dictated by your perception of past experiences.

What if you have what you consider to be two or three painful experiences of some nature within a short period of time? The vibrations of the perception have become so strengthened that your perception in that particular area has become totally out of balance. You already had a perception that was not clear. Now that perception is more entrenched than ever in your chakras.

Now likewise, if you have a period of time where you have several things happen that you think is just absolutely, fortunately, good luck, and life could not be better, then you have strengthened that vibration and it continues to draw more of like kind to you. So what happens to your perceptions? Your perceptions are constantly being colored in one direction or the other based upon past perceptions and your current experience. Recognize that is how you are living your life. You are living your life from the confusion of whatever particular perceptions are dominating and creating the strongest vibration and then drawing more of the same to you.

What can you do to change this? How can you move through your perception and into the experience that you might truly live the experience to the fullest? Well, it’s not by ridding yourself of perception. Perception is that individualized response to your life process on this planet. Perception is not something that is going to go away nor maybe should it go away. But you need to understand the effect of perceptions upon your life. All possibilities are yours. That is a given. You have unlimited creative power, but your belief system based upon past perceptions of experiences you know nothing about that happened long ago limits your power.

It is also important to recognize what happens in an experience is not just a thinking process. You can only hold a controlled thought for a limited period of time, but your perceptions work day and night in every area of your cellular being: within your mind, your physical body, and your emotional body. The vibration is continually controlled by a perception.

Now, all of your perceptions are stored in your chakras. So by clearing your chakras every day, you can simply and very easily begin to remove those perception-blockages and begin to clear the confusion. We are only speaking of clearing the seven major chakras.

We have done extensive teachings about the chakras. Your body is filled with these little energy centers and like tributaries they pour into the seven major chakras. As they pour into those seven major chakras, the perception of every thought, experience, and action you have feed into the chakra system. You bring those perceptions back lifetime after lifetime after lifetime within your energy pattern.

Now, it does not matter what the experience was, and the mind, of course, wants to know the details of the experience. But what you are clearing is the confusion of the perception of the experience. And in order to do that, clear the blocked energies of those seven major chakras: the survival chakra; the sexual/creativity; the emotional; the heart; the throat; the third eye; and the spiritual center. Clear the blockages by connecting to the energy pathways that were given to you in 1994, and allow the blocked energies to go up the pathways, and as they do, see them all transformed.

So recognize that until the perceptions stored in your chakra centers are cleared, you are unable to begin to move from confusion to clarity. It is as if you have a whole sea of red and you want it to be blue. Yet it can't be blue because it is red. So clear the red, so you can have a level playing field.

As you clear the chakras, you will begin to see you are not as bound by past experience. You are not as afraid to do the things that you may have been apprehensive about in the past. You begin to feel lighter. You begin to think in terms of possibilities being realities that were only vague possibilities before. You begin to see the expansiveness of life and do not perceive your experiences from such a narrow, focused, view. You begin to allow yourself to see and perceive beauty in every moment of your life.

How can you begin to perceive your experiences or the experiences of your world in a clear manner?

You have cleared your chakras and the past energy patterns of confusion, and now you have to make a choice. Recognize at this stage of your evolution and your remembrance, you just don’t have the capacity for judgment. How much have we talked about how your judgments limit you? And of course, your judgments and perceptions are very intertwined.

Remember, the experience itself is only an event. You do not have the capacity to measure that event on any scale as to how it is going to affect your future. Because your future is so expansive, this event you think is so devastating, may be viewed later as one of the greatest benefits or turning points in your life. Yet that is not going to change the perception you built from the event in the beginning. That vibration, that blocked energy is still there. However you can heal and transform it. So when you choose to remove your judgments, you will be in a better position to fully live the experience now and not add more blockages to your chakra system.

For the next 30 days, take a few moments every day and whatever is going on around you, whether you are engaged in a conversation, an exciting party, having trouble falling asleep, doing your daily tasks that you may find boring, or something you really would rather not do, it doesn’t matter, take a moment and recognize that I know nothing of this experience and everything I think I know of this experience is not true. Because I know nothing about this experience, I am going to choose to fully live the experience.

Now, what does that mean to fully live the experience? It means you are going to feel the experience, expand into the experience, and unite with every vibration of the experience. You are not going to put up any walls or restrictions. Instead, you are going to be totally one with this experience without judgment, or perception, because you know any basis you think you have is untrue, for it is laden with previous perceptions that may or may not serve you at this time.

Take a few moments everyday for 30 days and do this exercise. Fully live the experience of the moment for 5 minutes or 3 minutes. Whatever period of time you can, because the moment you begin to judge the experience or perceive it in any way, then recognize you are no longer living the experience but now living from the perception of the experience.

What will happen as you do this? You will begin to think, “Wait a minute, there is more to this then I knew. There is more than my perception has allowed me to know, understand, and experience.” As you begin to recognize there is more, it is the first step to clearing the confusion of your present perceptions.

Copyright 1996 Diandra; Revised and Edited 2009

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