Five Universal Principles For Making Life Work

Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

Salem gives five universal principles to help make your life work. Applying these principles in your everyday life will free you from the limitations imposed by fear. These principles are the tools you have to change your life and to change your world.

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest of respect for humanity. Let us together discover the basic principles that make life work. Until these principles are incorporated into your everyday life, you will find yourself reaching outside, perhaps struggling with issues or people, and trying to find your path.

So often you say, “What is my purpose? Why am I here?” You are here because you chose physical existence on Earth as a creative expression of your particular energy. That’s why you are here. You chose to be in this particular universe, on this planet. That’s the only reason that you are here. What is the purpose to this journey? The purpose to this journey is for you to realize the full potential of creative power that is your birthright. That you are an extension of universal creativity, of God, of whatever you wish to name that that exists, that is always expanding, ever changing, always evolving. This is your purpose on the planet.

But, humanity has been stuck somewhat within their own imprisonment. You have built around yourself a prison and you have not realized that the doors are open for you to wander into the expanse of all that is. Instead, as you see a door open, you do not recognize that it is a door that you can go through. The reason you do not recognize that is because you have limited yourself to concepts and precepts that have become your truth and it is your truth that you must live. It is not the truth that we would share with you or that the great philosophers would share with you. What matters is what information do you take within yourself that resonates to the point that it brings a remembrance of all that is, all that you are, and of your connection to all that is.

There are some steps that you can choose to take that help you to unbind and untie the cords that are binding you in your limitation. For always remember, you are truly an unlimited expression of creative essence with an unlimited freewill to create however you desire. You yourself limit your power because you fear your power. What you know to be reality, what you trust to be your everyday existence is such that it cannot be trusted or controlled. If you cannot control it then you are at the mercy of forces that dictate to you your existence and you do not know if that will be safe. Therefore, if you are struggling through this type of environment, you yourself would not allow the creative power to come forth because you do not trust what you do not know.

Here are some basic principles that you can begin to use in your everyday life.


Detachment is mandatory for you to be free. For as long as you have an attachment to anything, be it a circumstance, your past, a person, an attachment to needs of any type, you are therefore subservient to that attachment. In a subservient position, you do not feel that you have control or that you are in a seat of power in your life.

You may not consciously go through the mechanics of understanding this with every particular situation that confronts you or every person you interact with. But if you will stop and look very careful at what is taking place, and if there is an attachment or a need, you will come to recognize what creative situation is in control and you are not. Attachments create a feeling that you must do something to be safe. For after all, as long as you are feeling separate, separate from each other and separate from your creator, then you must have the provisions for your own safety. That is what you spend your energy doing, maintaining your safety.

You are attached to something or someone that you feel is in control of your life because you have a need for that. When you feel you need something or someone you have given your power away. Therefore, the only other thing you know to do is attempt to control or manipulate that situation or person to provide your safety. Now that requires a tremendous amount of your energy. It robs you of the abundance of life because you are so busy attempting to control the situation or person. You might say, “I’m not a controlling or manipulating person.” We are not saying you are. It is for you to examine how you interact with situations and people.

As long as your interacting dictates what must, should or what you would like to be in that particular exchange then you feel the need to control it. As long as you have a need to control, you are not free to interact to the fullest divinity and expression of what is taking place.

The only reason you have attachments is because you perceive them to be needs to your safety. Many of your great attachments are to the past. Many of your great attachments are to past lives that you do not even consciously remember. Many of your attachments are also to whatever particular situation seems to providing what you feel gives you a rich and abundant life. If that stays your choice, then you will always be imprisoned by your needs. The better way we would suggest to enjoy life, your soul’s path, your future, your relationships, or the situation as it is, is to not need it.

You only perceive you have needs, because you have forgotten that you are the creator. Therefore, you do not expend your true power in your life to move into living life in a rich full environment.


Now, desires are different from needs. Desires are those things you recognize you would enjoy. Desires are those things that propel you forward into a new experience. Desires are those things that help you to create a full, rich existence for yourself and your world. But desires never depend upon anything. A desire will never depend upon interacting with another person. A desire will never depend upon a situation in a certain way. A desire will propel the energy forward that creates in perfect harmony that very best that that desire will bring back to you. And we will say to you it is a far better experience to that of a passionate need. But until you feel safe enough to let go of the need and attachments, you cannot come from the power of desire. So it isn’t wrong to desire things. In fact, that is what takes you from one experience to another on this planet. I desire to live somewhere different. I desire a beautiful relationship. I desire to live a quality life. These are good. But don’t attach that desire to a need for anything. Because the desire itself, when it is pure and it is empowered without need and attachment will take you to the very best experience you could possibly have.

Now how do you detach? It’s easy to say to you, “Detach!” But it’s not always easy to do. One of the very first things to do in detachment is to stop your judgment.


Your judgments come from your perceptions of experience. An experience is an experience. That is all an experience is. It is simply a happening. But your perception of an experience is what empowers it in some format. If you perceive that experience to be enriching, positive, and adding quality to your life then it brings happiness to you. If you perceive that same experience to be something that is threatening to your safety in any way, then you will find it brings fear components that will create a perception of limitation.

Your perceptions are stored in your chakra system. You are simply energy in motion, that is all you are, that is all anything is. You are vibrating energy in motion, and in that energy pattern, humanity long ago created energy containers you call chakras.

Humanity created time, linear time that you might perceive experiences. When you, as humanity, felt you were no longer one, then you felt you were not safe. You felt that you could be destroyed. And if you could be destroyed you must remember how that could happen.

This defensive system causes you to live from your experiences. You are not living from the expression and the totality of all that you are. Your expression is unlimited. Your expression is love, joy, harmony, and peace. Your expression is total abundance. There is no lack of energy. Energy is the component of raw creativity that shall exist forever and ever and ever, and it always is and it’s always there for you. And that’s what you set in motion. And you set it in motion by your thoughts and by your voice. And as you do that it sets up a vibration and that is your creation. And as you create then you have become the slave to your own creation.

Your perceptions of these creations, your perceptions of your experiences now dictate how you live. It dictates the prison that you have composed for yourself. As you have a need to judge, you shall always have the imprisonment.

When you remove your judgment, you may think, “How could I live on this planet if I do not judge? There are just some things that are bad and some things that are good.” We would dare to inject the thought that it just isn’t the way it is. You perceive it, and you perceive it from a cultural standpoint. If you could go back in society 1,000 years, there are certainly certain cultural experiences that were accepted that today you would perceive as bad. Many, many of your own limitations of your enjoyment of life is because of the culture perception of experiences. Every time you hold a judgment of a person, of any event, you feed that energy that keeps that imprisonment in place, not only for yourself but for that particular person or situation as well. If you cannot embrace it and if you cannot love it as it is because it exists, then neutralize your energy and what you feed to it by not judging.


Now let us again, give you a difference in judgment and discernment. Just as there is a difference in need and desire. There’s a difference in discernment and judgment. You certainly have created brilliant minds. The mind is going to discern and there is nothing wrong with that. You can discern it for what it is. You can even choose if it’s an experience that you wish to be a part of. But judgment places a value system. Judgment says it’s good or bad. Not that you choose to, or you choose not to, but you then evaluate this is good and this is bad.

We would like to interject a thought for your thinking that there is not good or bad. There just is. What you create exists forever, but if it enhances the fear within yourself or your planet with others then we say to you, it continues to imprison you. If you wish to use the word of limitation called ‘bad’, the imprisonment is what hinders you. The imprisonment is what keeps you from expressing all that you are.

We suggest that you begin practicing non-judgment with the little things. Try consciously recognizing your judgments. You’ll begin to realize that your judgment system is a continual evaluation that you do upon everything that impacts you in any way. If you feel brave enough that you would be safe, decide for yourself, “I won’t judge for a week.”

You see something on TV and immediately you have a judgment with that. Withdraw your judgment and think about, “I won’t judge. This is just an event that happened. I won’t judge this event today.” If you want to judge it next week, you have freewill, but you’ll never know what it’s like to live without that judgment if you yourself do not begin to make a choice to attempt applying non-judgment in your life.

If you can take it a step further, embrace it. Take that situation, that person, or that event, and embrace it with unconditional love just as you would a child that is hurt and in pain. Any time fear is acting out, it creates pain. Fear acts out in attempt to control, but unconditional love will heal. Take the situation or person in your heart and love it. If you can’t love it, then wrap it in God’s love. Because that love will do far more to heal and change your life and that situation then you can even begin to imagine. If we could even get that message across to just enough people to move your consciousness, your world would begin to come to the peace that you struggle.

No soul wants to live in fear. No soul truly wants to inflict pain upon another. Your ego believes it is not safe because of the perception you are separation from your creator and others. Your ego’s need for safety dictates that if you do not control a situation or person, it can destroy you. The principles of non-judgment and detachment stop feeding the fear and perception you must control and struggle for your safety. They allow the power of your soul’s unconditional love to flow through into your life and transform it. You were always meant to be free and unlimited on this planet. As you transform you will express this beauty once again.


When you go beyond judgments, you begin to serve your ability to honor. Everything that exists is worthy of your honor simply because it exists. We’re speaking now of universal love. We’re not speaking of the emotion love. Emotions are an ego-created part of your human experience. Emotions are not your reality. All emotions were created as your first line of defense to know that you were safe. What you call love is when you feel safe.

The love that we speak of is the reality of your God consciousness. It has nothing to do with how you feel about something or what it is that at that moment it is triggering. It is a reality of existence and all things are worthy of your love because they are created existence. They are an extension of God. That is all there is. God expressing in universal consciousness through creations continuing to create and therefore it is worthy of your honor and respect. We never see anything in humanity but your beauty, your love, and your light because that’s what we honor. That is what we want to empower. When you can do that with all others. When you can take the person that is the most difficult for you, whether that is a world figure, whether it is someone because of their chosen life’s path you do not agree with, whether it’s because they personally impacted you in a way that sort of triggered the pain in you. First of all, be grateful to them because now you can heal it. When you can see only their beauty, their light and their love, you know you are on the way to being able to honor all life.

There is a miraculous thing that happens when you do that. When you begin to see that beauty, you begin to see it in you. When you begin to see it in you, you begin to remember your power. When you begin to remember your power, you no longer are afraid. And when you are no longer afraid, you do not have the need to judge, to control, to manipulate, or to have attachments. Suddenly life takes on a whole, expansive possibility that you didn’t know existed before because you have forgotten you are an unlimited expression of God.

Now Moment

The next thing we would like to suggest to you that you can do is move into the ‘now’ moment. That’s what eternity is. Eternity is eternally the ‘now’ moment. There is no past and there is no future in reality. Everything that you create, you’re creating right now. It doesn’t mean that you suddenly close your mind down and you have no remembrance of events of the past. It doesn’t mean that you do not plan for the future. But it does mean that you stay in the power of the ‘now’ moment. So, how do you do that?

When you think of the past, if there are things there that still trigger emotions in you, anger, frustration, regrets, whatever that would be limiting to you, you wrap that experience, that person, that emotion, in the same God-conscious love and in your mind you bring it into this ‘now’ moment. Don’t see it in the past because it certainly isn’t. It’s limiting and impacting you right now. Bring it into the ‘now’ moment and love it. Wrap it again in the God-consciousness of love and release it to become part of your creative power rather then your limitation. Now, sometimes past attachments are good. You long for the time ‘when’ because it was in your perception it was a better time. Well, if your soul still desires that experience, it would still have it, so first you’re going to have to trust your own soul’s path that it is time to move on to a new experience, and that experience will enrich your life if you allow it to.

Now, what about the future? How do you bring the future into the ‘now’ moment? You do it by being excited and by living the future in a state of expectation. Now, expectation is different then expecting. Don’t live expecting and attaching to ‘expecting’. But do live with expectation. Expectation means that your desires go forth and you have a great expectation knowing they’re going to be fulfilled but you don’t set the parameters of how. Your soul, your spirit and the universal consciousness has a far better view of how to bring about your desires then your conscious analytical mind can ever do. So you live now with a great expectation of the future for your desires but not expecting so and so to do such and such to make that happen. It does not mean that you do not plan and you do not set goals, but you allow the how to be left to the greater consciousness of yourself and the universe. Then when you feel that inner voice that says, “This door is open, walk through it; this door is closed because there’s a better door over here.” You don’t try to push open the closed doors. Because you know there’s going to be something more exciting, more enriching and more fulfilling over here. When you feel drawn to pick up the phone and call somebody for some reason, you do it. But you listen and you listen for that internal guidance that begins to take you through to create the beautiful future that you really desire. You’re not bumping your head against old creations and old ways that are difficult.


We have ‘honor’ and ‘live in the now moment.’ Those are some tall things to put on your plate and do. But you can! You begin applying these principles with the little things. One of the greatest tools that you have is meditation. The reason meditation is such a great tool is because what you may call your mind, the conscious, or the analytical mind that your ego system created as part of your safety, as part of what computes the experiences and the perceptions, it is not able and does not know how to reach into the abundance of the reality that you truly are. It only knows what has been placed there. So you have to go beyond the mind to reach your true power.

Meditating is very difficult for you as human beings. So how do you do it? First of all, the mind is certainly not the enemy. The mind has done very well exactly what you have taught it to do. You’re not trying to get rid of the mind. Tell the mind that there is another part of you that you wish to also incorporate in your life and you desire to reach that part of you. You may need to tell your mind that daily.

Allow yourself those moments of quietness. Don’t attempt to meditate for 30 minutes or an hour when you can’t quiet your mind for 2 minutes, because the more you resist and the more you try, the less results you’ll get. Just quiet your mind. Do it with music as long as you can. When the thoughts begin to go through your mind, acknowledge them, and let them go on, but then return with the intent of quietness. Don’t resist the thoughts of the mind. Resistance will never work. The mind is very good. It’s the sentinel that’s on guard to protect you. You cannot resist it because it becomes stronger. But meditation, quieting, or going beyond the mind let’s you hear for yourself what we are saying to you. It let’s you tune into that eternal guidance, that eternal wisdom that is within yourself. Often times your decisions would be different if you would just take the time to be quiet and really listen to that inner part of yourself.

We’ve laid some basic groundwork. These are the tools that you have to implement to change your life and to change your world. You’re doing a very good job. There is much of humanities consciousness that is beginning to come forth that you’re beginning to realize that you are an eternal being, that you are an expression of creative power and as you do this the key is always unconditional love. The key is always unconditional love.

When you can reach a level of compassion, understanding and forgiveness for your brothers, then go beyond that to recognizing they are you. There is nothing, nothing that you are aware of that is not within you. Somewhere in some experience you have experienced that same thing. Maybe it was 20 lifetimes ago, and maybe you’ve healed that now.

The things that you can have compassion and understanding, and the things that you can love are the things you’ve healed within yourself. When something or someone triggers within you whatever pain it may be, anger, frustration, depression, whatever it may be, nobody can do anything to you, but what happens is that particular event triggered within you what is not healed. As you bring that forth into your conscious awareness, recognize what is taking place. Realize and be thankful because now you know it’s there. You can heal what has been triggered in you by using the techniques of detachment, non-judgment, honoring, and unconditional love.

What happens when you heal fear, pain and limitation? You may say, “Well, why? I’ve got life pretty well under control. How’s this going to make life better for me?” I would only say to you, you have no idea what life can truly be like for you when you’re out of that self-imposed imprisonment. The things you struggle for flow to you. You have a feeling of joy.

Do you know the difference in joy and happiness? Happiness depends upon external motivation and external stimuli. Joy floods from within you and depends upon nothing. Instead of the external being what brings to you a momentary satisfaction, joy exudes from you and changes everything around you from what is pleasurable.

It’s a whole different way of living life and you find that the struggle is gone. The anger is gone. The resentments are gone. It lifts a burden from you and your whole vibration becomes lighter. You feel better. You look into other people’s eyes and you see their beauty. As you do that you enrich both them and yourself. It’s a much deeper, meaningful interaction that you have with life and with humanity.

Copyright 1996 Diandra