Six Steps To Truly Enjoying Life

Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

Salem outlines six steps to help create the life you desire rather than repeat the familiar and easy life patterns that make life a struggle and less fulfilling. Incorporating these steps can open you to your eternal creative essence allowing you to create the rich, full, life you truly enjoy.

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest of respect for humanity. We like to talk to you about life itself: existence, creation, and the eternal creative essence that flows through all things that exist. In so doing, we hope you will better understand you and how to get the most from your life. To this end, we have formulated six steps for truly enjoying your wonderful existence on the planet that you call life.

Appreciate Life

To enjoy life, you must first have an appreciation for both yourself and all of life: an appreciation for your world, the things you know and do not know, the seen and the unseen, because they all have a part in your existence. You are a part of All-That-Is, and it matters not if your conscious mind is aware or totally unaware of what exists for it is still you; you are still it. So for you to enjoy life, there must be an appreciation for life itself and the existence of all things. But to appreciate anything you must be able to see value in it, so how can you to see the value of you and all that is around you?

Recognize you are here by your free-will choice. You chose to come into this particular dimension and universe because you felt it would enrich your existence. If you could realize how precious and beautiful and expansive the existence you are aware of is in the physical, you would appreciate physical just for its own sake. To manifest physical vibrational forms from energy having an intelligence of its own is a wonder of creation. That alone is worthy of your appreciation. But when you become bogged down in living your every day life, it is as though you are sifting through grains of sand examining every grain for its imperfection rather than its perfection and not seeing the castle built before you. So it is difficult to enjoy life when you cannot appreciate the total picture of life.

Now, we can tell you how valuable life is and how wonderful your existence is in this dimension but our telling you does not make it so for you. You are the one that must begin to have that feeling within yourself. We have given steps to help you appreciate every day fully and we will now focus on a couple of those steps.

Detach and Live in the Now Moment

Until you learn to live in the present moment, you cannot appreciate that moment; therefore, you cannot truly glean the joy that is in the moment. As long as you are concerned for the future or holding on to the past, whether you consider it to be a positive or negative in your life, you are not able to truly move into the essence of what you are living in this "now" moment. That does not mean you do not have memories or you do not plan for the future but it means you detach from both. You detach from the past and all of the perceptions that limit this moment. And you detach from the future because how you live today spills into tomorrow determining your future. If you do not live today richly and fully, you then take into tomorrow all that now limits you; therefore, you repeat the same life patterns over and over, and wind up not truly enjoying your existence on the planet.

To enjoy your existence, you need to detach from the need to control what is. As long as you have a need, you cannot enjoy because your needs will always seem not to be fulfilled. If you fulfill one need, you will immediately create another because that is how you perceive you live. You are busy fulfilling your perceived needs. In doing that, you then expend a tremendous amount of energy controlling what you are creating. As long as you have needs and are attached to needs, you are then also attached to the outcome of those needs and therefore cannot truly enjoy life. So to enjoy life, you must richly and fully live this moment detached from the need to dominate your existence instead of flowing with your existence.

See the Beauty

There is beauty in every experience you create. The interesting thing is that you often fail to look for and see the beauty of your creation but instead look for the pain of your creation. Therefore you amplify and validate and continue to create from the limited view that "life is difficult". But if you flow with your existence, seeing the beauty in every moment instead of creating pain from your daily living, you become like an unfolding flower that enjoys the fragrance, love and beauty, not only for yourself but for those around you as well.

Believe in Abundance

As long as you believe in lack you cannot enjoy life. So how do you bring yourself to believe in abundance? Well, abundance is all around you. Do not judge abundance by if it is good or bad. You see everything flows in abundance, but if it is not what you desire then you feel it is not abundance, but it is. So whatever is in your life look for the flow of abundance, for there is an unlimited resource of energy from which you can create.

If you have not been able to have success in an area you desire, it is most likely because you are creating abundance in what you know instead of what you desire. You continue to create and repeat what you know from your many lifetimes of experiences because you have forgotten how to allow yourself the creative possibilities of your desires.

It is like an old, familiar, recipe. You know how to make it. You throw it together. It doesn't take much effort, and you know what to expect from it. Everybody around you knows what to expect, for they have been with you in other lifetimes. You may be tired of it, and you may not want it, but it gets you through life somehow. But to move into something new, you have to be a little more creative and be willing to give up the old recipe. You have to recognize that it is time to become a gourmet cook rather than throw together the old recipe over and over and over again.

The universe will always supply abundance and that is why we have said to focus your thoughts on what you want, not on what you don't want. Speak the words of what you want, not of what you don't want. As you speak your desires and think of what you want, you reprogram your consciousness and begin to stand taller, feel better, and breathe deeper. Things shift and you begin to enjoy the abundance of your desires rather than the abundance of what you knew how to create and recreate and recreate.

Please understand we are trying to help you change some of those areas that are so settled within you. The things you feel you do not want the most—the abundance of financial lack, health challenges, painful relationships, we can go down the line—are the easiest for you to create because the ego will always choose pain over pleasure. The ego supports the creation of what you know how to create rather than venture into what you really enjoy.

So it is easier for you to create from your pain those things you feel you do not want than to recognize what you are doing and take responsibility for your power: to decide and truly believe you have the power to create your desires than live from the old recipe. Recognize you are living in abundance because you can do no other by living in this universe and on this planet. Therefore, abundance will always abound and you will always be in abundance. Always! It is just a matter of where you focus your creative energy: on your desires or repeating the same, familiar, pattern over and over again.

Give of Yourself Without Conditions or Expectations

You have to be willing to give of yourself to others without conditions and without expectations. The giving is not about what you do for others but what you do for yourself. If you cannot truly allow yourself to totally empty everything that is good within you to your brother or sister then you do not give it to yourself. If you cannot give to others without conditions and expectations, then first of all, you have not detached in your giving. You are instead manipulating and controlling and not truly giving of yourself.

Before you can understand the power of giving to yourself the gift of enjoying life, you have to also be willing to give of yourself to others. Be willing to give to others and to yourself without conditions and without expectation.

So the next time you are feeling generous and give of yourself in any manner—of your time, your money, your love, whatever that may be—stop a moment and think. Is this totally unconditional or do you have some expectations of what will be returned to you?

Now, what is wrong with expecting something to be returned? Well, the problem is your perception of expectations. You see if you give without expectations, you will receive far more because you will not be limiting what comes back to you. When you have an expectation or a condition, it comes from your pain of your ego system’s lifetimes of experience. But when you totally give without conditions, without expectations, then you allow the universe to return your giving many times over. Because your expectation of what should be returned, is most likely limited to what the universe would give to you.

Also, you may be depending upon another person who is struggling in their system of pain and thus not capable of meeting your expectation. You then become disappointed and disillusioned and may decide, " I just won't give any more. That doesn't work for me." But you see you were not giving to begin with but rather sharing of yourself that you might receive rewards. That will never open you to enjoy life because you have the need to control from your limited perceptions.

Instead truly empty yourself, giving everything you have of yourself. Now, that does not mean giving all of your assets or all of your time, but if you hand someone a dollar bill as a gift, empty yourself of the Love that is in you and bless that person to the most wonderful space of Love, understanding, and beauty.

It doesn't matter what you give. Maybe you see a person who is having a bad day and a smile may mean more than a check for an enormous amount of money. You can always give a person a smile. And when someone seems to be taking their frustrations out on you, triggering all those little points of pain in you, what an opportunity to heal, and all you have to do is empty yourself of your Love to that person. You need not say a word, maybe smile and send them love unconditionally. They would not be acting this way if they were not in a lot of pain.

You cannot enjoy life so long as your exchange with others (humanity, nature, or animals) comes with conditions and expectations because they will never be met. You will be frustrated. You will always be looking for those expectations to be fulfilled by some means. But when you can just give, richly give, without expectations and conditions, you open the universe to pour blessing upon blessing on you and you begin to truly feel the joy of living.

Open to Give and Receive Love

You may say, "I love." Again we are not speaking of conditional love, emotional love, or the love that has expectations and conditions. This step is similar to the step “give of yourself”. They are very close, except sometimes it is more difficult for you to receive your Love than it is to give your Love. So open yourself to share your Love but also open to receive Love. And I can hear you think, "I did that once, and I got the shaft." Well, you had love with conditions and expectations. The ego is very afraid to truly open to giving totally of your Love whether it is returned or not.

Think of a person who has created a difficult time in your life. Maybe it was a co-worker or boss, maybe it was a neighbor, or maybe it was someone closer to home. But think of that person and how you responded to that person. Now, wonder what would have happened if both of you had just opened your hearts and Loved each other just as you were. Not because either of you were going to change. Not because it was going to make a difference. But if every time you saw or thought of that person with all of their demonstrated pain that seemed to be focused right on you; you had just opened your heart and saw them as this perfect being of the universe and loved them as you would Jesus, Buddha, your best friend, or intimate lover; loving them beyond your understanding of love; what do you think might have happened? Well, it may not matter now because perhaps that opportunity is gone, but you will create another opportunity to give Love again.

The next time you perceive someone making your life difficult, love that person unconditionally. Love unconditionally not to make you a saint or a hero, or a "good" person, or because the rules say you must Love, but do it so you can open to receive Love. You cannot receive the love of the universe if you try to contain it, for Love cannot be contained. If you cannot let love flow through you unconditionally to all creation then you cannot receive love because your physical cannot contain the beautiful vibration of universal love energy, but Love can flow through you and in flowing through you it will make everything in your life perfect. You will begin to open and know for yourself the secret of how to really enjoy life on this planet.

We have told you to remove your judgments, for as long as you have judgments you are limited by them. We said to detach, for as long as you have needs you will control and manipulate. We have talked about living in the "now" moment. All of these things are necessary, but there is a shortcut and the short cut is called Love. But you must first give Love to receive Love.

When you are able to see the beauty in everything around you, all circumstances, all life, you will be able to open yourself to Love just as it is not because you are going to fix or change someone or something. We would invite you to take some time to listen to yourself speak and think. See how many people or situations you want to fix. But my friends it does not work that way. It is neither your job nor your right to fix anything but yourself. As you do that, you then make it easier for the situation or those around you to heal and become whole.

The key to what we have said, can all be summed up in loving unconditionally without expectations. When you do that, you are expressing perfection in this universe and that expression will radiate out into other dimensions and around your world. You see you can change this world. One person can make a vast difference, but you have to let go of your fears, your judgments, and your attachments—all those things you feel you must have to be safe—because you will keep creating from the abundance of your needs rather than your desires. Either way, the universe will abundantly comply with whatever you create because that is the gift of the universe to you.

You cannot enjoy life with your toys, my friends. You can have all of the toys, money, and relationships you want. You can have degree after degree, career after career, but that will never bring you joy: it will bring momentary happiness that the ego likes. But to really enjoy life, living it richly and fully, and creating on a higher level of desire, you have to understand Love. Love is what frees you to see the truth of who you are. When you see that, you would not want to change life for one moment. You would be so radiant, and every situation and person would be of such value to you that your appreciation and gratitude to your soul for your existence on this planet would be overwhelming.

You can do this. It is not difficult. It is a matter of choice. You have the freewill, the capability, the possibility, and the choice. This is the awakening that is occurring, but we want you to know that it is possibly right now. Don't think it will not happen until the year 2012 or 3000 or whenever some date may have been established. You can live the glory of your existence as it was intended to be in today’s world not waiting for some grand tomorrow. Oh, things will be different then, but in today's world you can enjoy life living it with every fiber of your being, for you are an autonomous soul with the spirit of all creation within you, and it is your choice of how you wish to experience and express on the planet.

We are here because we Love you and see your beauty. The angels are here to help. Ask for their help. Believe in yourself and the miracle that you are. Listen to your own internal guidance and be willing to give to yourself and others without conditions and expectations. Open to not only give your Love but to receive Love as well… and we leave you in Love and I am Salem.

Copyright 1996 Diandra Revised and Edited July 2009