The Divine Plan

The Seed, Time, and Journey of Remembrance

Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

Before you first entered into a human incarnation, you put a safety measure in place to not forget who you are. It is the Divine Plan.

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest respect for humanity. Planet Earth is like a brilliant star, the prima donna, offering many opportunities for expression. It is truly a place to be cherished, loved, and enjoyed, for you think of life on planet Earth as being limited but it truly is not. It is only how you perceive your experience because you have limited your consciousness within time and space to the point that you no longer have the remembrance and understanding of your own soul history, universe, and world.

Before you first entered into a human incarnation, you put a safety measure in place. That safety measure would allow you to run in the forests, swim the oceans, fly the skies, jump off cliffs and soar through the air, but not to forget who you are. So you seeded your soul with the seed of remembrance. That seed is like an insurance policy to insure you never forget who you are. Every human soul has been seeded with the seed of remembrance and the time of that remembrance is upon humanity.

The time of remembrance is not about some Divine Being that is going to save you, nor does it mean that the ego is going to shrivel up and simply go away. If it were that simple you would have never needed the seed of remembrance. The yearning for who am I, and why am I reaches into the very depth of that seed, which is connected to the Spirit, Divinity, All-That-Is, and very slowly the remembrance begins to come back. That is the journey of remembrance. The journey of remembrance may take generations or a thousand years to be completed, but when the seed of remembrance of one soul begins to be touched and triggered, it in turn will touch the next soul and the next that they may awaken to their journey of remembrance.

In the beginning of that awakening, you may not know what it is or how to use it. Everything you know says this is the way the world works: it is about power, it is about control, it is about manipulation, it is about having enough resources and it is about safety being in check here. It is about making sure my idea is the one that is put forth because I know it is the best. That is how you have evolved through the eons on the planet.

So now in this imprisonment of the illusion—and remember we are talking about the perception of existence that you have created—the seed of remembrance has to find its way to open the doors even though you may not be willing to have those doors opened. You may open in one area but not in another because that just threatens your safety too much. You know what works for you and so you are reluctant to step into something you know nothing about. But you are awakening. You have been searching and are beginning to trust and expand the boundaries of the known self. The idea is even getting into the ego and the analytical mind that says yes, there is something more; it is greater than I have known and just maybe it is better.

That powerful reality of who you are is permeating your world. It is like tiny threads being formed, each strengthening your knowing of who you are as you journey on your path to remembrance. As you journey, the ego is going to tighten its hold because that is the job you gave it to do, but also remember this: you cannot fail in your remembrance. Once the seed of remembrance is sparked it is designed to never close. That is why you cannot shut the door even if sometimes you think you would like to. Once the seed is triggered it can never be hidden again. Once you accept and say I think there is more, that I am more, there is a reality and there is something about it that is truth to me, then you have started the explosion of your remembrance and your expanded consciousness. But what you have to do is trust it. You have to trust that the reality of that consciousness can heal the pain of the illusion.

Trust is the step that has been difficult. You can mouth it but have difficulty living it. That is not to be critical because the path to remembrance is a journey. Enjoy the journey. Do not be dismayed or in a hurry. Have fun with remembering who you are, discovering your greatness, accepting and fulfilling the destiny you have chosen. Enjoy it. Opportunities will unfold for you.

There may be periods along the journey where you feel challenged because fear and the illusion will be very active attempting to stay in control. But stay the course and don’t let others pull you out of your center. Never doubt for a moment what you know inside yourself. Never doubt that yearning, the whispers, or the nudges. They are not a mistake or there by accident.

You have no idea of who you are or your creative source. You have no idea that you are not trapped in these physical bodies and that you created death because you forgot how to ascend from the planet. The opening to your remembrance and all that you are is what you have been searching for. That search has taken you in many directions, whether that has been in relationships, health, material things, it does not matter. What you are and have been really searching for is the remembrance of who you are and how to express that.

Know that your reality, your life, your power, your expanded consciousness, the seed of remembrance has already been planted when you first incarnated and it is starting to come to its fruition. Your journey has been through the eons but you are just about to come back to recognize who you are. That is when you will experience physical again as you once experienced physical. That is when you will know the pleasure of third dimension, the freedom of coming and going, the beauty of diversity. That is when you will see the energy of the flowers or of a herd of buffalo rushing across the plains. The vibrational patterns will be so much more powerful, real, and defined. When you see the vibrational energy, you will see the picture clearly, in focus, and it is beautiful. You are going to do it; don’t ever be discouraged. Don’t give power to what you see as illusion. It is a moment. It may seem like it is in control and it is, but give it some time and you will begin to see the reality.

If you stay the course, you will begin to see the expanded consciousness take on a brilliance. You will see things happen rapidly. You are going to see diseases eradicated. You are going to see those that really begin to have power. Money will be redistributed to those that would use it for the betterment of your planet. It will be. It may not seem that way to you at the moment, but it will be because the other will fail.

Everything we have communicated to you is only to bring you to the remembrance of all that you already know. It is the Divine Plan. We could go through with you again about principles: detachment, non-judgment, living in the now moment and meditation, but why? You know it. You either choose to do it or you do not. There is very little we can add to what has already been said. The choice is yours. Whether you choose to do it today or tomorrow or next year, you are going to do it because you have triggered the seed of remembrance. That seed of remembrance is so powerful because that is who you are. It is the light and the truth that will dispel the darkness and show the illusion for what it is. You will feel it. You will feel the power. Stay the course and the doors of opportunity will open for you. It is baby steps. It is steps of trusting and allowing and letting go of the judgment, detaching from your needs, living in the now moment, honoring all life, and unconditionally loving others. Just do that and your world will change.

What do you want? How do you want to make your place and your planet and your space in this world spiritually enlightened? How do you want to be a part of the expanding consciousness? You decide. Ask for our help and we will give it to you because we are excited about your awakening. You have chosen to be here at this time and you are choosing to make a difference. You are choosing to be part of triggering the remembrance! And I am Salem and I leave you in Love.

Copyright 2001 Diandra

Revised, edited, copyright 2008 Diandra