Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

Humanity and the planet, at this time, are undergoing a large transition. The energies are now so clear and powerful that everything is amplified. This produces one of the greatest, most opportune, times to heal, transform, and manifest; or it can be a time that is unsettling and scary.

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest of respect for humanity. We want to talk to you about transition, because right now your planet is in a huge transitional process and you can have difficulty grasping and feeling safe with transition.

With transition come many, many, many possibilities and all life-forms, from a drop of water to a tree to an animal to the human, are becoming aware that many possibilities could form, are forming, and will form. Humanity has the ability to create some of these possibilities in a mass consciousness form, other possibilities will be created individually, but transition is at time when new creation happens rapidly.

Possibilities are just possibilities: they can change, be destroyed, and therefore, the outcomes are not known. This can make transitions appear to have no stability. So as long as you have a need—and that is a very key word—to know you are safe, transition can be scary. You are feeling this energy all over the planet, and even if your life is not in a transition, you are in the transition with the mass consciousness of the planet.

Energies are Intense

The transition will happen and is happening. Things are not going to be as they have been. A lot of work has been done, both from our realm and by those on the planet who truly understand the power that you have, to clear the energy patterns for the transition.

Because the energies have become so clear and powerful for the transition, everything is amplified. The transition process is so in-place that it is governing what is taking place in your world.

"Therefore, it is imperative that you only think the thoughts you desire to create and speak the words of what you truly desire for your higher good and the higher good of your world."

You are so used to the way you live your life, you do not even notice the way your words are used or you think they are inconsequential, but they impact in a very real way, especially, at this time.

But here is the powerful news:

"The true power of Love also has a power it has not had on this planet for eons of time."

The Role of Joy

Joy plays an important role if you want to smoothly move through the transition, and we are not talking happy, we are talking joy. No matter what challenges you face during the day, they truly have nothing to do with your choice of joy, for joy will shatter any obstacle to your greater good. Joy, in-turn, radiates out and helps others to do the same, and pretty soon people around you are feeling better.

If you have any old, lingering, harboring’s of any kind: grudges, unhappiness, it was unfair... Get over it, because you are cheating yourself of one of the greatest, opportune, moments you have ever had on the planet. It is not worth bringing the past into this present moment when there is such an opportunity to live as you have never lived before. If a hundred other people around you do not choose to live in joy, it does not matter. It does not matter! You can still make that choice.

Transition should be an accelerating, joyous, beautiful, wonderful, adventure for the human soul. You only chose to become human for one reason: you wanted the adventure of third-dimension. You wanted to experience what physical existence would be like. You wanted to be able to touch another person. You wanted to be able to smell a flower. When in spirit, you have a wonderful existence, but you are not physical. You chose this existence because you wanted to experience physical, but you have allowed your fears of the possibilities to threaten and rob you of the joy of the very reason you incarnated to begin with.

The transition is allowing you the freedom of many choices and we do not want you to squander the opportunities the transition presents because of your insecurities and not feeling safe: because it is not like it was, I do not have my foundation, I do not know where I am going, things not working the way they used to, I am having this problem, I am having that problem.


If you are having what you perceive to be a problem, then look at what you are resisting, because you are just holding it in place. You are most likely having the problem because you are holding on to the old and the transition is producing a change that you are resisting. Maybe, now, you are supposed to step out and approach things differently, but that can be scary, so you hold on to your fears and that limits you. It limits your good and robs you of your joy.

Living Free of Fear

It is a miraculous, wonderful, time on your planet, but it is a time that can scare many people because they do not know how to live free of fear. They are afraid to live free of fear because fear tells them where the dangers are to sidestep. If they do not have fear, they think they are probably going to get chewed up by something.

So you will find societal resistance to this wonderful, opportune, time on your planet. You will hear doomsday and all kinds of things you better watch out for. And yes, you can do it that way, but that is just a heavy vibration that will weigh you down. The vibrations that will move into the higher realms are those of joy, Love, harmony, and all the principles: non-judgment, detachment, the now moment, and unconditional love.

Utilize the Principles

You know, the principles are really not a hard way to live life. You think that following the principles makes you vulnerable and, somehow, makes life difficult. Otherwise, you would not hold onto your judgments and attachments when in fact, without them, they free you to live your life.

Does detachment mean you have no plans for tomorrow or you do not care how something happens? No. Detachment means you do not have a need for it. You may desire something, or want it a particular way, and even work to get it that way. That is fine, but do what you know to do and then step back and let it manifest. Do not be attached to the outcome. That is what detachment means.

Live in the present moment fully, richly, and with joy. With joy! Every moment has an array of bursting energy vibrations that you are unaware of because you are so tied to your limitation and fear that you are not enjoying your journey. You came to enjoy the journey. You came to experience the wonders and the grandeurs of what a third-dimensional existence is like.

If daily, you smell a fresh rose or listen to some beautiful music or anything that reminds you of the joy and beauty of your world, then do it. If that helps you find your center so you can be what you came here to be, then do it.

Heal the Pain

When you encounter pain, because there is pain out there, do not amplify that pain with your pain, and do not let that pain amplify your pain, because you can never be free that way. Know there are souls and energy patterns that are intertwined, confused, and in conflict. Take your Love and light into those energy patterns to help them heal and transform, because the more you do that, the easier it is for those patterns to heal themselves.

They are very entrenched, have an agenda of their own, and they are out for their survival. You may see a lot of fear-based actions, opinions, and results from that pain, but it is an opportunity of the transition that you can choose to help heal.

Enveloping your Love to heal another's pain automatically heals your pain. Your Love just vibrates within you, and you feel better. Things do not bother you like they did before. You cannot quite conjure up the anger you had before, even when you want to, because it is not there anymore: It’s healed, it is transformed.

Important Time on the Planet

It is an important time, it is a grand time, and it is a wonderful time on your planet. Do not let others rob you of that. It is a time to know your joy. It is a time to restore your power. It is a time to put the principles to work knowing that they are going to return to you everything you are looking for. It is a time to stop resisting and to let go. Let go of the baggage, because fear is running scared and it will find a safe haven somewhere.

This is one of the miracles times in your universe. It is a wonderful time when many elements, many beings, many different ways of existence is focused on your planet to allow you to remember who you are (see The Divine Plan). That is really what the transition is about.

"The transition is about taking you from being in bondage to your belief systems, your ego, your fears, to the freedom of knowing yourself, your power, your glory and your richness."

When you know that, you will see the world in a whole different way, because you no longer have the need for things to be as you perceive they must be.

If you wonder where is my joy, where are my successes that I came here for? Well, you are not allowing them, because you cannot force your power. That is just the ego. You have to allow your power to radiate forth, clearing the paths, making the way straight to take you on the grandest, most satisfying, adventure you have ever had on this planet.

The planet is in transition, but it is a good transition. Just let it take you down the path to a better tomorrow. There are some wonderful, exciting, things ahead. There may be some dark days, there may be some heaviness, but that does not have to touch you.

You are here to enjoy life. You are here to play. When people tell you, you are here to learn lessons, you are here to go to school, and you are here for suffering that is their truth. That is their ego speaking, because that is what the ego thinks, but that was never why you chose to be physical.

You now have the opportunity of freedom. You only rob yourself for every day that you feel like you cannot do it, or it is not worth it, or it will not work. It will work. You are powerful. You are love. You are meant to live in joy and only you can stop that from happening. And I leave you in Love and I am Salem.

copyright Diandra 2012