Definitions For Inward Journey's Most Commonly Used Terms

The pure God essence that exists in all of life. It is the never ending and unlimited creative process.
Your individualized expression of your creative power. The soul is the part in you that searches to connect to your spiritual essence again. It remembers life when it was unlimited in the physical.>
An awareness of universal wisdom giving you access to all that exists. It is the mind or consciousness of spiritual essence.
The belief that you are separate from all that exists. Your ego believes it is has been separated from your spirit, your soul, unlimited abundance, your divine mind, & unlimited creative ability. Separated from its creator. The ego has a need for safety, acceptance, control, and validation. The ego will always choose pain.
It is the millions of expressions of who you are in this and other universes and dimensions. Your identity grows as you let go of your ego because you are opening up to your individuality which expresses itself in millions of aspects, forms, energy patterns, shapes, and purposes.
Created by the ego for the purpose of surviving. It uses past experiences to calculate future probabilities. The analytical mind has the creative powers to use energy to create what it thinks. This creative ability is limited only by its beliefs.
This is an energy field around your physical body that has stored every thought you have ever had, every emotion you have analyzed, and everything that takes place in your mind not only in this lifetime, but in all your past lifetimes.
Emotions are your first line of defense. They override your ability to reason and your spiritual awareness. They were designed by your ego to keep your body safe from physical harm. Emotions are felt because they are a real and tangible energy.
An energy body surrounding the physical body. The emotional body stores the memories of all past emotions you have experienced.
Something accepted as true that is actually false. The ego belief that we are separate from our spirit and/or creator is an illusion.
Unconditional Love is the only reality. In reality you are the perfect expression of the Creator. You have unlimited freewill and creative expression.
Faith in action. Trusting is going beyond the understanding of your mind.
Allowing is going beyond the mind to let the spiritual essence in you manifest in your life and heal your limitations and fears.
Expressing is living from your unlimited creative ability and unlimited divine consciousness. You become a master at what you do.