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An affirming or confirming ratification or declaration. Affirmations are useful in helping to change the perceptions of thought patterns thereby allowing transformation to begin. Affirmations are beneficial in planting and forming new and differing beliefs because they affect the mental body and the perceptions by bringing new thoughts to be considered by the subconscious level of the mind. Through this process, affirmations can allow possibilities of existence not previously allowed.
All Possibilities
Unlimited Possibilities. Every possibility that has ever existed and will ever exist and more.
Everything that is: God.
Permitting or letting have without obstruction or resistance.
Analytical Mind
The mind associated with the ego portion of the self that believes in limitation and the inherent unsafe nature of existence. The analytical mind is used to calculate safety based on the perceptions of experience and is focused and used to handle physical world tasks.
Ascended Master
One who has been born into the physical, third-dimensional reality and has either evolved beyond or not succumbed to the limitation of the ego belief system. Well-known ascended masters are Jesus and Buddha.
An Ego System behavior whereby outcome is attempted to be controlled at the expense of freedom. A fear-based control mechanism. A bond to an experience that is of the ego. A need.
The etheric energy around the physical body that encompasses the mental and emotional bodies.


Base Chakra
The first chakra or energy center located at the base of the spine containing the perceptions of everything that has threatened one’s survival on the planet during any lifetime. The base chakra grounds you to the Earth.
To exist as existence itself. To know there is no limitation and that you are God. Totally, completely, in one’s power without any limitation, drains of energy, interference by other energies, distortions, fear, perceptions, or conceptions; a state of complete power where all things are possible.
All things that one has come to accept whether that is an opinion, perception, or a revelation. The ego’s view of what is.
Belief System
Totality of all beliefs determining the ego’s view of the world.
A component of the Vibrational Pattern containing similar and distinct characteristics. The components can be tangible (the physical body) or intangible (the mental and emotional bodies). The intangible bodies (mental and emotional) are described as layers surrounding the tangible (physical) body within the aura.


A center where consciousness resides governing various attributes of physical and spiritual aspects. An aspect of consciousness created to define experiences and allow expression in the physical, later adapted to also store the perceptions of experiences. Also referred to as an energy center, vortex or wheel of spinning energy.
Chakra System
The collection and interrelation of energy centers or chakras making up the subtle body. Each chakra relates to different areas of the body and consciousness.
Sorting out, making a decision, determine. Choice is activated by intent.
Collective Consciousness
See Mass Consciousness.
Conditional love
The emotion of love that is part of the ego system. Love that will only be given as long as conditions are met and will only be accepted when conditions are met. Love that is contingent upon being safe.
Setting energy into motion from thought.
Energy set into motion. A vibration.
Creation Process
The process of affecting energy with thought thereby setting energy into motion resulting in a vibration or creation.
God, Universal Intelligence, Universal Principle. A consciousness that thinks, thus placing energy into motion.
Creative Principle
Divine characteristic of existence. The ability to create and thereby expand and know oneself as an inherent characteristic of existence.
Crown Chakra
The seventh chakra is a spiritual gateway connecting to what is. The Crown chakra is not totally within the body, instead, it can be thought of as a gateway extending from the crown of the head connecting to the spiritual essence. The connection to the higher parts of the self, the angels, the Love of the universe and the higher power where Divinity is perceived to be focused.


A positive motivator to action. A motivator that pushes one forward, expands one’s world without need, or dependence on anything. Desires usually flow in harmony because they are of the soul.
Not giving your power to the things you do not desire by focusing and attempting to control and manipulate them, whether that is the outcome of events, situations or the behaviors of another. Not having a “need” for something.
State of consciousness or awareness.
Perceiving differences without placing a judgment or value on the differences. Discernment does not empower limitation.
Divine Mind
The mind that knows no limit, all possibilities, and that Love is the only reality. The source of eternal consciousness. The Spirit, All–That–Is, connected to the Soul. The part of the self that is all possibilities, has awareness of everything that is and it is the totality of the expressive experience of the soul’s journey.
The quality or condition given or inspired by God.


The part of the self that directly interfaces with physical reality. The ego is the exterior self that is thought of as one’s self. Typically the ego views existence through the limited perception, fear-based opinions and knowledge of who you are. In the broadest sense, the ego is not compelled to view existence from a limited perception but is simply a portion of the self viewing experience.
Ego Belief System
A belief system based on the belief of being separate from each other and the creative source. The belief that you are not the creator and all things are fixed and unchangeable.
Ego System
A system devised by the self in order to keep the self safe. The emotions and analytical mind are parts of the ego system. The emotions are the first line of defense to react to perceived safety issues. The analytical mind is used to calculate safety based on past experiences. The ego system lives from the perceptions of experiences.
To take in one’s heart and love unconditionally.
Emotional Body
The intangible outermost body within the aura comprised of the emotions as the first line of defense for the ego system. The emotional body is situated so that all energies must come through this body first to determine one’s safety.
Emotional Chakra
The third chakra located along the spine in the area of the solar plexus containing the perceptions of the emotions.
Emotional Love
An emotion of the ego system based on conditions and fear. Emotional love loves as long as it is safe and conditions are met. Emotional love also accepts love only when conditions are met. Love based in fear: fear of rejection, fear of losing a loved one. The emotion of love will always be conditioned upon the perception of survival.
Part of the ego system. First line of defense when the ego feels threatened or unsafe. Anger, frustration, sadness and the emotion of love are examples of emotions. Emotions are reactionary and based in fear.
The raw component of existence, containing all possibilities, from which all things are created. Energy is the self-expression of All That Is, a pure by-product of Sacred Void. A limitless supply of possibilities.
Energy Center
See Chakra
See Creation
Energy Pathways
Clear, undistorted fields of intent, allowing limiting perceptions and blockages within the chakras to easy move into Love for healing and transformation. The energy pathways are anchored and maintained by beings of love for the benefit of humanity.
Energy Pattern
See Vibrational Pattern
Expanding Consciousness
Expand the awareness of possibilities, to discover and know who you are. To move into the reality that is not your everyday experience. Going beyond limitation and what the analytical mind can perceive into all possibilities. Thinking of possibilities beyond the ego system.
The energy pattern in motion but not in a tangible form. Energy vibrating through and around the physical body encompassing the aura, i.e., your mental and emotional body. Energy that is the Spiritual Divinity of existence sustaining life in the physical.
Creation in motion. A state of becoming, changing, transforming, and expanding.
Everything the conscious mind is aware of within an event or a happening.
To experience without limitation. Living in the fullness of an experience without judgment, attachments, or needs, and in the fullness of the Now Moment. Living in a state of peace, harmony, bliss or joy. Experiencing outside of the emotions and the ego, from a state of the totality that you are.


Anything limiting you in any way whether threatening or non-threatening. Anything that limits you from expressing and being the power you are through the Love you are. The absence of Love: the absence of the reality of Love of who you are. A result of the ego belief system.
Not reactionary (as opposed to emotions). Feelings verify existence as in “feeling alive.” Spiritual beings express through feeling their existences i.e. your power, beauty, life expression. Aliveness, vibrant.
The result of power; existence without struggle or resistance to what is.


Total self-aware, intelligent consciousness that contains all possibilities. Universal Total Intelligence that became self-aware and thought. Universal Self-Aware Principle. The individualized understanding of All-That-Is.
God Essence
The essence of God: Spirit.


Acceptance of all things as they are without the need to control, manipulate or change what is; an innate state of Being, a spiritual state.
Bringing one’s self, the body, or emotions into a state of harmony with life; a state that reflects Divinity rather than the pain of the ego.
Heart Chakra
The fourth chakra located along the spine in the area of the heart containing the perceptions of love on the level of the emotions and on the level of spirituality. The energies of the lower three chakras and upper three chakras connected in the center of love within the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the connection between physical and spiritual allowing the two to manifest.
Higher Self
Portions of the self beyond the ego. Soul, Spiritual Self, portions of the self connected to the Divine Mind and Spirit.
Holding all creations in high regard or great respect. Honoring requires non-judgment. When you honor you take a giant step forward in loving unconditionally.


A view of the world from the belief the world as it is known is fixed, must be a certain way and cannot be changed. Everything the ego system believes is real.
Infinite Intelligence
See God
Infinite Possibilities
See All Possibilities
Inner Self
The portion of your soul that is within you. Sometimes referred to as the Human Soul.
A vibration (creation) that does not have a shape or form associated with it.
The ability to become self-aware, recognize the self-awareness and become coherent in the self-awareness producing a defined result.
Activator. Intent resonates within the universe activating the creative power and ability to manifest setting energy into a vibrational pattern. To move in a direction without question. Determination in expressing futurity.


A spiritual state. Seeing the beauty in all things. Happiness without dependence on what is happening.
Placing a value on one’s experience, good/bad, right/wrong. It is impossible to reach the Divine mind if judgments are held.


Truth without reasoning.


Excluding all-possibilities. Not going beyond the known possibilities within the analytical mind.
The unconditional ability to see all things in their Divine order and good. Existing in an eternal state of Being that holds all of life together; God expressing. The Reality. Acceptance and embracing without need, attachment or judgment. Love encompasses Peace, Harmony, and Joy. The true and only reality: an innate state of Being, a spiritual state. Love loves for no other reason other than because it exists. A level of consciousness having the understanding all is in harmony and Divine order. The totality of the soul expressing in every way, every modality, and on every level of consciousness that the soul is choosing to express in its creative existence at this time. Love is the totality of creative existence. All that you are as creation in motion.
Lower Chakras
The lower three chakras: Base chakra, Sexual/Creativity chakra, and Emotional chakra. These chakras together govern the basis of physical existence. Experience is connected with these chakras.


Bringing a creation into conscious awareness. Thoughts of possibilities coming into existence within the physical dimension. Creations that can be seen within the physical.
Mass Consciousness
The collective, conscious awareness of all souls within the physical dimension.
A centering process whereby the physical mind and body are attuned to its spiritual source.
Mental Body
An intangible body within the Aura, part of the vibrational pattern made up of the conscious and subconscious mind that is part of the ego system. The mental body will store in an analytical manner the events of experiences, processing data and making decisions with respect to one’s safety. See Analytical Mind.
Being of more than one dimension or state of consciousness.


Motivator to action. Motivates an action to control usually out of fear from the ego.
Not placing a value on experiences as being good nor bad, right nor wrong. See Judgment.
Now Moment
A state where power is expressed, and creation takes place. Not in the past or future. A state where consciousness has no conception or perception of what existence is, rather is all possibilities, unlimited.


In harmony with everything around one’s self. Coming from unconditional Love. Spirit is the source of peace; an innate state of Being; a spiritual state.
The result of the ego system’s analysis of how past experiences or similar experiences have affected one’s self. The ego’s basis for evaluation of existence.
Physical Body
The tangible component of the vibrational pattern.


Knowing that one is all possibilities, unlimited with the power to create everything known and more. God expressing; Love
The result or end product of the creation process. Your response to the perception of a vibration.
Not accepting what is; attempting to push away. Trying to rid one’s self of an experience or creation by attempting to push away or rid that part of one’s self.
Root Chakra
See Base Chakra


All portions of the soul expressing in a point of consciousness containing the portions that are within the conscious awareness as well as the inner or higher portions supporting the point of consciousness.
Sexual/Creativity Chakra
The second chakra located along the spine in the area of the naval containing the perceptions of sexuality and creativity as it pertains to life (procreation).
The characteristics of God within you: the inherited essence of God. The pure essence of omnipotence. Who you are vibrating at the rate that contains all possibilities. That part that is Divine.
Spiritual Chakra
See Crown Chakra
Spiritual Essence
The characteristics or inherited essence of God contained within all creations whether recognized by the creation or not, allowing forward movement, expression and becoming.
Spiritual States
Innate states of Being not dependent on external events or happenings. Joy, Love, Harmony, and Peace. Not dependent upon external motivations or stimuli.
State of Consciousness
A state of awareness. See Points of Consciousness.
The individualized expression of All-That-Is. The individualized consciousness of your Spirit that goes forth from the Creator.
The unconscious portion of self. The holding tank within the mental body that contains the memory of all experiences and thoughts not presently within the conscious mind.
Subtle Body
The intangible bodies and chakras making up an individual’s vibrational pattern. The mental, emotional bodies and chakras are parts of the subtle anatomy. See Etheric.
Allowing your soul and spirit to control your life. Removing barriers between you and whatever is, opening to receive and accept. Letting go of everything.


A vibration that has a shape or form. Opposite of intangible.
The Physical
Existence within the physical dimension. See Third-Dimensional Physical
Third-Dimension Physical
Everything existing on the planet and in your world you consider being physical.
Third-Eye Chakra
The sixth chakra located in the middle of the forehead. When clear, this chakra is used as the source of information as it enters the vibrational pattern from the spiritual essence. This chakra connects to the intuitive, inner knowing—the Spirit. This chakra is about living from knowing instead of understanding. The third-eye chakra acts as an intermediary between the crown chakra and the rest of the vibrational pattern.
Self-aware intelligence. Vibrating energy pattern.
Throat Chakra
The fifth chakra located along the spine in the area of the throat containing the perceptions of all of one’s manifestations. The throat chakra governs the ability to create through expression. It is the center of will and expression.
Knowing that your soul and Spirit work for your best interest.
That, that resonates within you, a knowing.


Unconditional Love
Love without conditions, simply because it exists. See Love
Universal Mind
Mind of God. See Divine Mind.
Upper Chakras
The upper, three chakras consisting of the Throat chakra, Third-Eye chakra, and the Crown chakra. Together these three chakras govern the spiritual aspects and connect to the spiritual essence. Expression is connected with these chakras.


Determining if something is good or bad, safe or not safe. Judging.
Energy set in motion (activated). All creations are energy (the raw substance of creation) set in motion or vibrate. Energy set in motion forms a creation that vibrates at a particular rate or vibration. Taken in this way, Vibration = Energy Set In Motion = Creation. A creation can be tangible or intangible.
Vibration Pattern
The composite of all of one’s creations (or vibrations) forming a unique pattern that is you. Most creations are complex in that they have more than one vibration or creation of which they are made. Whether the creation is simple or complex, the resulting pattern from the vibration(s) is termed a Vibration Pattern or Vibrational Pattern. The Vibrational Pattern is sometimes referred to as an energy pattern. Your vibrational pattern can be broken down into various components, consisting of your physical, emotional and mental bodies along with a system of chakras.
Vibrational Rhythm Pattern
Part of the “Creation Process”. When a thought imprints energy containing all–possibilities, the result sets energy into motion having a vibrational pattern with a unique rhythm associated with the pattern. This is a more detailed and complex view of the result of the creation process.


Who You Are
A being of totality that is Love, creative existence. All that you are as creation in motion; Love. See Love.
Having strong purpose or determination. The power of conscious and deliberate action or choice.