Experiencing Life Through the Chakras

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The important role your chakras play in your life is explained in this unique work based on the teachings of Salem through Diandra.

by: Clarence Deigel

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Questions For Salem Through Diandra

This is the area where you will find questions asked of Salem’s on intriquing topics we feel are in the minds of our site visitors.


2012 Galactic Alignment
Question: Will the galactic alignment in 2012 cause earth changes that will greatly affect our lives in the next two to five years? read Salem’s response »


Tips for Raising Your Vibration
Question: Could you give some techniques, visualizations, or whatever that would help access the higher vibrational energy to move on to the next level of creativity? read Salem’s response »


Salem on Transforming the Ego
Question: Moving from ego to reality, Salem talked about dipping your toe in the water and challenging us to dive in. So what does that look like and what are some of the first steps we can take to do that? read Salem’s response »


What does it mean to get "centered"?
Question: You mentioned the importance of getting centered in the morning. Can you say more about this? read Salem’s response »


Can We Impact the Lives of Those We Love?
Question: I appreciate your comments really reinforcing that thoughts become reality and we have a profound impact on our own lives. Can we also have a profound impact on the lives of those we love? read Salem’s response »


Salem On The Media
Question: Salem, you have mentioned that the ego ways will no longer work and that listening to the media, which tries to sensationalize things, is probably not the best thing to do. Because the media is also an “ego thing”, being full of energy, is that also something that is not going to work anymore? read Salem’s response »

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