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Excerpts From: Experiencing Life Through The Chakras


The seventh chakra, or the spiritual, crown chakra, is an energy center not quite like any of the other energy centers, for there is not an energy center for your spirituality. How could there be? Everything you are is spiritual. Spirituality is certainly not confined or limited to one small place, but you focus the energy or vibration of spirituality into this particular spot within your vibrational pattern. This is the place where you allow the connection with the higher part of yourself, the angels, the Love of the universe, and the higher power you perceive to be Divinity. You needed a place to bring this power into your vibrational pattern and the crown chakra serves that purpose, but it functions more like a gateway than an energy center.

For the moment, remove your concepts and judgment of what is spiritual. Spiritual is All-That-Is, and it is through this spiritual gateway you connect by intent, desire and choice to what is. But your response to what you have connected to, through the spiritual chakra, is determined by the perceptions of your experiences.

The purpose of working with the spiritual chakra is not to change the energy pattern or essence of what is but to clear away the debris and blockages keeping you from being consciously aware of the spiritual connection you have with all life.

You are an unlimited, spiritual being with a part of your existence focused in a physical, third-dimensional expression. Physical existence can be beautiful, wonderful, and harmonious. Living in peace, joy, and abundance can be yours. There is not a need for lack, but you have to be comfortable with abundance. You have not been accustomed to abundance as a way of life. Self-inflicted lack, pain, and punishment with brief moments of rewards squeezed in between is what you are used to, but consistent abundance in every area is a brand-new way of life. Yet, the spiritual energy from the spiritual chakra empowers abundance, freeing it, bringing to you beauty, Love, joy, and fulfillment.

The spiritual chakra is not magical, but it is a gateway to All-That-Is. Paying attention to what you bring forth and amplify within you is a beautiful tool to let you know if you are healing your fears and lighting your life no matter what road you travel or what comes your way.




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Book Description | Table of Contents | Possibilities Open Up | The Crown Chakra | Reader Comments