A New Day Is Dawning

A Spiritual Formula for Successful Living!

By Diandra

A New Day Is Dawning BookThis profound book offers keys to rediscovering the vibrant soul that you are. The chapters give your conscious mind an awareness of spiritual truths that are already within your soul and spirit. Diandra helps you remember you are God expressing. "You are the creator, and through your creations you realize all the uniqueness and wonder of who you are. As you seek the reality of truth and love it seeks you."

The book offers a spiritual formula for successful living which awakens the power that lies within your soul. It helps you discover the joy of living a full, rich, wonderful life, attaining your desires, as you live each day effortlessly guided by the power of your own soul. Feel daily as you read the book, the inner confidence of knowing your soul has the knowledge and ability to create your desires without struggle.

A New Day is Dawning fills your heart with joy while its wisdom helps you gain a greater sense of direction and purpose in your life.

This book is a current communication from Jesus for your life today. It is not a message from the Bible. It is not an interpretation of Jesus' teaching. The book is a powerful new message of hope and love directly from Jesus communicated through Diandra, the author. When she asked Jesus, "Why did you choose to communicate your message through me?" He answered with love, "You were listening."

Book Highlights

Nine enlightening chapters full of inspiring wisdom on the reasons we have past lives, connecting to the oneness of life, how many Ascended masters work with humanity, what occurs during near death experiences, who is God, and the origin of your soul and the planet.

Learn about four new aspects of the creative power within you. Read how your creations create and how lifetimes of creative process affects your life today.

Experience five empowering meditations designed to help you create your desires, heal your body, expand your consciousness, find direction in your life, and uplift your spirit.

Enjoy four chapters full of intriguing predictions of the future. Discover the future of planetary evolution, new cycles of experience for souls and how instantaneous transformation is possible in the future.

What Readers Are Saying

"I found the truths in the book to be so right, it was perfect for me!"» Mike Shalapsik, Indiana

"I found 3 new revelations in this book which is rare for me when reading books of this type. I'm sending a copy to my friend in England!"» Carol Buckley, Arizona

"The book positively changed my life! I recommend it to my students."» Lauren Pohn, Illinois

A New Day Is Dawning Is Unique For Five Reasons

  1. The book is full of powerful solutions and practical wisdom that give you a unique spiritual formula for successful living!
    • Jesus through Diandra, shows you how to make life easier, discover spiritual harmony, gain control in your life, avoid problems, and make a better life for your children.
    • This book is like having your own personal guide that helps and supports you in understanding how life works, who you are, who God and Jesus are and how to feel more love and spiritual harmony in your everyday life.
    • Your life is positively changed because you discover new insights into the truth of who you are.
    • A New Day Is Dawning gives you an opportunity to reach a place in your life where true and deep satisfaction exists in your relationships and your connection with God and Jesus.
    • Imagine taking advantage of your full potential and all the wonderful feelings, successes and personal discoveries that await you right now. START benefiting from these things in your life today.
  2. You FEEL uplifted and inspired reading this special book!
    • It offers hope to your most intimate passions and creates joy's highest possibilities for your everyday life.
    • The book brings contentment even during uncertainty. Reading the book itself produces a feeling of unconditional love that Jesus conveys in his words.
  3. Seasoned readers find new revelations in this book!
    • A New Day Is Dawning connects with the purity, reality and truth of your soul. The book offers a completely positive look at life that provides a definite light in the dark.
  4. This book is a current communication from Jesus for your life today!
    • It is not a message from the Bible. It is not an interpretation of Jesus' teaching. The book is a powerful new message of of hope and love directly from Jesus communicated through Diandra, the author.
    • You'll be drawn closer to Jesus, experiencing this great soul in a new and personal interaction, as you feel his unconditional love and benefit from his personal wisdom.
    • Meet a great teacher, prophet and friend in the pages of this book.
    • The book gives you the opportunity to connect with the wisdom of your soul, the love of Jesus and the beauty of God. Imagine yourself in the presence of all these wonderful feelings as you enjoy reading this book.
  5. The book is easy to read and full of clarity!
    • Profound spiritual insights are given in easy to understand terms.
    • Highly beneficial spiritual insights are conveniently available in one book.
    • To enhance clarity, pertinent question and answer sections are conveniently located at the end of every chapter.
    • An index is provided for easy reference on major subjects.

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