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Chapter 1

I will tell you a story that is not unlike your own life.

This is Jesus. I would like to tell you the story of a very great and wise King. This King ruled over all the known land with great love. His subjects had all they needed or desired. They had no worries. They were never hungry nor cold. They were given spacious homes filled with elaborate furnishings and decorations, fine clothing and plenty of food. All was beautiful.

Life was very good. Then one day the King said perhaps I should allow the people to begin to choose for themselves; perhaps I am restricting them by taking such care of them. Maybe they should begin to choose how they wish to care for themselves. So he gave equal portions of land, clothing and means of exchange to all subjects and said, “You now choose how you wish to live your life, what you wish to do and how you wish to interact with each other, for I feel that perhaps I have not allowed you the freedom that you needed to truly be as great as you can be. You look to me and believe that I am so great, and yet, you are just as great as I. Maybe I have not allowed you to achieve your own greatness, so all the things that you now look to me to provide I give to you. You now know you are as great as I. You no longer have a need to look to me for your good; you can sustain all that you desire for yourself.”

In the beginning, the subjects were delighted with this new found power and freedom. They recognized they, indeed, could create for themselves all the beautiful things they desired. While they still loved and adored their King, they no longer had to be dependent upon the King, for they knew they were powerful and free. They had all the things the King possessed. As time went by, the people had less contact with their King. The gracious and loving giver of life began to slip into the background. The people's memory of their beloved King began to fade.

Soon the people began to forget the regal qualities that were given to them as a natural birthright. They had no image to guide them. Without the visible direction of their King, they forgot who they were. They now believed they were separated from their King, separated from their source of good and separated from what they had always known. The open, harmonious communication among the people no longer existed. They began to believe there was something else they must do to sustain the qualities given them to have this greatness of which the King had spoken. As they began to search outside themselves to find where these great qualities came from, they began to think the qualities were no longer there, and maybe they would run out of whatever it was that sustained their good. Maybe they should plan a way of taking their neighbors goods while they could. This created conflict.

As conflict grew, no one felt safe any longer. When they no longer felt safe, they built walls and fortresses. People gathered in small and large groups. They pooled their goods together within their groups to sustain and to protect themselves. Groups attacked other groups and tore down their walls to gather more goods to feel safe. The many separate groups expanded their conflict into raging wars. As eons passed, the people laid to devastation all that was beautiful and good. They no longer remembered their own, inner power or how their existence began in the first place. They no longer felt the King was there, although he was.

They sank deeper and deeper into a life of pain, fear and struggle. The people's goods became scattered. Those people who became skilled took from others; some people had many goods while others had none. Some people inflicted pain on others while others received pain. The receivers of pain then grew stronger and returned the pain. As generations died and as generations were born, they all forgot totally the gift the King had given them. They didn't even know the gift was there. All they knew was to take goods, protect themselves and to give as they felt it was safe to give.

And so it is with humanity. I would come and live and die again if it would free just you, but it will not. Do not seek your salvation from without; it is within yourself. It has already been given to you. Open to your Spirit and soul; remember who you are. You are God expressing. If you will open your heart and soul, I will share with you.

You ask me how long before humanity will heal their pain? Oh my beloved, I ask you the same question. How long before humanity will heal their pain? How long before you return to the King and remember all the gifts you were given? Your walls are built, and they are torn down. You inflict and receive pain, but when you cease to inflict pain, you will no longer receive pain. You do not remember you have everything you need to fulfill your desires. How long before you remember all the gifts you were given? How do you rediscover that awareness?

You find it first by stopping the pain; stop inflicting pain and stop receiving pain.

If there were something more I could do, do you not think I would do it? You must choose to heal your pain through love. I extend to you all my Love, the Love of the Creator and the Holy Spirit which is the reality of Love that abides in your Spirit, reaching into your soul.

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Book Description | Table of Contents | Chapter 1 | Meditations | Benefits | Reader Comments