Experiencing Life Through the Chakras

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The important role your chakras play in your life is explained in this unique work based on the teachings of Salem through Diandra.

by: Clarence Deigel

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Tools to Propel Your Spiritual Journey

The “Tool” area is designed to provide methods and techniques that you can apply in your everyday life. Here you find concrete tools that you can use separately or together to “jump start” and propel your spiritual journey.

You place perceptions upon your experiences. The perceptions of all your experiences from all your lifetimes are stored in your chakras, which in turn shape your reality of how the world works, how you create, and the boundaries of your existence in the world. Learning what the chakras are, how they affect your life and methods to work with your chakras to transform and clear the effects of your perceptions can have a big impact on your life, enhancing your spiritual growth and your ability to handle the concerns of daily life.
Meditation is one of the greatest tools to bring about healing, expanded awareness and put you in touch with your inner guidance and creative powers. It is your first step in being able to quiet the mind, which says there must be something to do to get “there”, wherever “there” is. Meditation is the closest thing you have to taking you to that state of Being.
Universal Principles
Principles you can use in your everyday life to untie the cords that bind you in limitation. Until you incorporate these principals within your everyday life, you will continue to reach outside of yourself, struggling with issues, struggling with others, trying to find your path in life when it really does not matter what path you take.
Affirmations are powerful because they are instrumental in propelling change in your life. Through the use of affirmations, you begin to seed possibilities of existence that you would not allow before!
Daily Practice
Applying the tools to your everyday life.

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