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What is a Chakra?

  • Chakras are energy centers or aspects of consciousness that define various attributes of experience within the physical dimension.
  • Chakra is a Sanskrit word coming from the Hindus thousands of years ago meaning spinning wheel or energy center. The Hindus determined that there were seven wheels spinning in a clockwise direction each having a different color.
  • The chakras are not physical, but part of the subtle anatomy with five chakras aligned along the spine and two chakras in the head area as one would think of the physical body.
  • Chakra is an energetic point within the body where both the spirit and the physical worlds meet.

The Lower Three Chakras

Experience is connected with the lower three chakras and deals with everything that you have chosen to manifest and place in linear time. How you relate through the perception of those manifestations determines how you experience your life. Your perceptions can distort your view of life and that can be limiting.

The Upper Three Chakras

The upper three chakras deal with your expression and are connected to the spiritual essence. These chakras are your reality and create your existence for you. Blockages within these chakras can distort the spiritual essence as it flows through the chakras and throughout your being.

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra balances between experience (the lower three chakras) and expression (the upper three chakras).


The chakras serve the purpose of allowing the spiritual essence or Divine Mind to flow through your being while in the physical. Blockages in the chakras can prevent or distort this flow. There are two effects to having blockages within the chakras: one prevents or distorts the flow of Divine energy through your being, the other is a source of distorted information, through the perceptions stored within the chakras, limiting the possibilities in your life. The first effect is more predominant in the upper three chakras, and the second effect is more predominant in the lower three chakras.

Chakra Characteristics:

Base/ Survival Chakra

Location: Base of the Spine
Governs: Survival and Survival Instincts
Effect of Clearing: Frees the expression within the upper three chakras, allows a view of existence from a spiritual perspective.
Key To: Being free from survival concerns and limitations.

Naval/ Sexual-Creativity Chakra

Location: Naval
Governs: Sexuality, Creativity, Separation from Divinity
Effect of Clearing: Unifies creativity, spirituality and the physical
Key To: Manifesting and allowing the Divine into experience.

Solar Plexus/ Emotional Chakra

Location: Solar Plexus
Governs: Emotions
Effect of Clearing: Removes Fear
Key To: Expanding Possibilities

Heart/ Love Chakra

Location: Heart
Governs: Love, Connection to the Soul
Effect of Clearing: Allows Unconditional Love to flow in one’s Life
Key To: Unconditional Love

Throat/ Will Chakra

Location: Throat
Governs: Will and Expression
Effect of Clearing: Frees expression and the connection of the will to the source.
Key To: The flow of expression and the power of will in the physical

Third-Eye/ Vision Chakra

Location: Forehead
Governs: Knowing, Dissemination of Spiritual Awareness
Effect of Clearing: Improves the flow of awareness to the other chakras.
Key To: Living from Knowing rather than Understanding

Crown/ Spiritual Chakra

Location: Top of the Head
Governs: Gateway to What Is, The Spiritual Essence, All-That-Is
Effect of Clearing: Frees and provides an undistorted connection to the Spiritual Essence.
Key To: Connecting to the Spiritual Essence

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