Experiencing Life Through the Chakras

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The important role your chakras play in your life is explained in this unique work based on the teachings of Salem through Diandra.

by: Clarence Deigel

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Daily Practice Tools

The “Daily Practice Tools” are methods, techniques, or excerises Salem has recommended that you can apply in your everyday life to promote your spiritual growth. These are suggested practices for your consideration. Incorporate what works for you and resonates within you. Most of these tools have a Print-Tool link so you can print the practice and have it readily available for your use.

Believing the Reality That You Are
The ego is a belief system. So how do you believe in the “Reality That You Are” rather than from the belief system of your ego. Three steps are given to help you live your life from the “Reality That You Are” instead of from your ego.
Chakra Clearing
Clearing the chakras is a simple but powerful tool to help free you from the limiting affects of your perceptions so you once again express from the reality that you truly are.
Daily Steps to Keep Your World In Divine Order
These steps were recommended to help keep you in your center and thus enhance your creativity and power. This practice incorporates steps to begin your day as well as to put you sleep at night. A combination of steps, setting intent, affirming and becoming aware are used in this practice.
Seeing the Beauty
Looking for and seeing the beauty in your life pays big dividends in balancing your outlook especially when you think things could be going better. A simple, but effective technique to reduce judgment, realign your focus, and make it easier to stay on your path.
Seven Steps to Empower & Enlighten Your Everyday Life
This practice includes the basic steps Salem advocates to help free you from limitation and thus empower and enlighten your everyday life. Incorporating even one of these steps will help propel your spiritual path. Taken together, these steps give you plenty to work on and are synergistic in promoting your spiritual growth.
Transform Your Creations
Your creations are yours. Once created they exist forever, but you can heal and transform them. Use this daily declaration to help free your creations from limitation.

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