Seeing The Beauty

Bringing peace to your day


Look for and see the beauty in your life and everything around you.

The more you see the beauty out there, the more you see the beauty in yourself.

The more you see the beauty in yourself, the more you feel safe to express your love.

The more you express your love, the more you will find you do not need to judge, you are not so afraid, you don’t get so angry, and people don’t irritate you as much.

Somehow you know you are resting in a safe, secure, place and all will be ok.


“Daily Practice Tools” are methods, techniques, or excerises Salem has recommended that you can incorporate into your everyday life to promote your spiritual growth. These are suggested practices for your consideration. Use what works for you and resonates within you. The “Print Daily Practice” link is provided to print the practice and have it readily available for your use.