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What is a Meditation?

  • Meditation is a process where you attune your physical mind and body to its spiritual source.
  • A discipline of focusing the mind on a single point of reference. A state of concentrated attention on some object of thought or awareness.
  • A process of withdrawing your consciousness from the restlessness of the mind.
  • A technique whereby the mind and body can be brought into a harmonious state to promote health and healing.
  • A method of observing without being caught up in your thoughts and concepts.


  • To quiet the mind so you can reach your spiritual essence: that essential, natural, state of pure awareness, pure consciousness, which connects you to your true power.
  • Increase awareness by becoming mindful of oneself.
  • Move the mind away from the concerns of daily life and attain a more focused, relaxed state where you can use the power of intention for change, healing and transformation.

Why Meditate?

  • To tune in to the internal guidance and wisdom within yourself.
  • Allows you to reach your true power beyond the conscious mind.
  • Relieve, reduce, stress; enhance the immune system
  • Increase contentment, inner peace, well being
  • Increase concentration and clarity of thought.
  • Place oneself in a highly effective state of mind for healing and transformation.

Types of Meditation

Directs the mind to a single focus so that the mind is brought to rest and not allowed to wander. This is done by using a mantra or focus on breathing. When achieved, a deep calm or state of tranquillity pervades the mind and body.
The aim of this style of meditation is to gain insight into the nature of reality and how everything works. The meditator uses awareness to move through the illusion and into the light of reality.
Calming the mind by listening to a tape or another person focus your intent on a desired result.
Uses intentional, mindful movement as a way to focus the mind and connect body and soul in the present moment. The outcome is a sense of peace within your body and consciousness.
As a tool to bring about a meditative state, visual images are used to focus the mind. In a meditative state, positive visualizatons can be used to bring about desired changes in one’s life. This use of meditation, is similiar to using visualization as an affirmation.
Intention used in a meditative state to anchor unconditional love for healing or transforming oneself, another person, an issue or situation. The trick here is to send love without a predetermined outcome, but instead trusting that love will heal and transform for the highest and best good of everyone and everything involved.

Meditation Tips:

It is not the aim of Inward Journey to teach meditation, but rather to make you aware of the importance and benefit of meditation as a tool that you can use on your spiritual path. With that said here are some tips to help you along the way.

  • Find a method of meditation that is comfortable for you.
  • Allow yourself time each day to quiet the mind and meditate.
  • Find a quiet space where distractions are at a minimum
  • Do not fight the mind or try to get rid of the mind, rather make it a partner. Your mind is like a sentinel on guard to keep you safe. At the beginning of your meditation, explain to the mind that you are calming it to connect to a deeper awareness within yourself. Tell the mind throughout the day that it is safe to meditate.
  • Use music if that helps to relax you and thus quiet the mind.
  • When thoughts enter, acknowledge them and let them go on, then return to the intent of quietness.
  • Do not struggle with meditation. In the beginning meditate for shorter period of time and gradually lengthen the time spent meditating.
  • The more you center yourself the easier it becomes to sustain it. It is a process. The process requires trust and love. Trust your creative processes and that everything works for your benefit.
  • Do not judge. When you judge you throw another boulder in your path and you begin to struggle. When you release your judgments you will move through these perceived impediments.

Any time spent meditating is beneficial whether you attain pure enlightment or not. By relaxing the body and changing the focus of your conscious mind away from the concerns and heaviness of daily life, can relieve stress, enhance your immune system and change your perspective on life. During meditation you can insert positive affirmations, anchor Love around yourself, others, or issues and concerns in your life bringing about a calmer, more balanced, perspective. Meditating, even for a short periods of time, can help you to rejuvenate and better deal with your daily activities. Meditation is truly a powerful tool you have at your disposal.

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